Theatre of the Electric Mouth (ThEM) is a global 
theatre collective,
collaborating remotely to create absurd and literary audio dramas.

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The Study of Ancient Human Culture with Dr. Balthazar Finneus

Journey through the archives of famed anthropologist Doctor Balthazar Finneus as he searches the detritus of the 21st Century for answers to burning questions about the history of human civilization. Is it true that anacondas want none without buns? How do conference calls function as mating rituals? Why did our ancestors live in trailers and watch them on screens? The answers may surprise you.

written and directed by Andrew Clark
sound and mastering by Will Koch

video by Zach Trebino

Jake Regensburg as Dr. Balthazar Finneus
with Cara Dodge, Eric Fleising, Cory Ringdahl, Ali Rojek, and Zach Trebino

Stories of Origin

Stories of Origin is a collaborative exploration of our beginnings. It's composed of individual pieces, conceived and created by Theatre of the Electric Mouth's members.

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Stories of Origin is a co-production with Owls At Noon Radio and was released, in a slightly different form, on their website.

produced by Molly Cohen
mixing and mastering by Zach Trebino

illustration by Helen Laser
video by Zach Trebino

It features:
Funny Little Stories About Mother's Day from Reddit by Ali Rojek & Jake Regensburg, Box by Rachel Thomas-Levy, Advice from Early 20th Century Parenting Guides by Davis Alianiello, My Mother Reads Poetry by Lyubomir Parushev, It Would Have Been Enough by Molly Cohen, Excerpts from Plan C by Molly Cohen, The River Took Her by Kristen Aldrich & Justin Evans, Pinoy Market Shuffle by Steve Barroga, Mommy is Dead by Cara Dodge, Sauce Talk by Zach Trebino, You're Going to Be the Worse by Eric Fleising, and A Planting by Tessara Morgan

From the Electric Mouth

From the Electric Mouth is ThEM’s monthly reading series of AI-generated scripts, overseen by Molly Cohen and Justin Evans.

Each month, we feed our AI’s neural net a sumptuous feast of writing that’s thematically related to that month’s audio drama release and pray the AI regurgitates an absurdist masterpiece.

We assemble production teams from ThEM’s members to tackle the script with little to no preparation and live stream the readings in the hopes of achieving the highest histrionics.


The Truth

In a post-mortem letter to his daughter, a mysterious man reveals a life-long secret he’s maintained for the safety of humanity. Will she be able to handle The Truth?

written by Eric Fleising
directed by Andrew Clark
sound & video by Zach Trebino
mastered by Will Koch
Lyubomir Parushev as Jason
Cory Ringdahl as Cornelius
Samantha Turret as Beth

Cross of Crying Dogs

Cross of Crying Dogs is a Dadaist manifesto, a call to (in)action from an exasperated population forcing us to ask, "How many crosses is too many crosses to bear? And who’s cross am I really carrying?" The answers don't matter though, cause all of us'll be buried in the rubble of the crosses we failed to bear soon enough - at least that's what these crying dogs are saying.

written by Justin Evans
directed by Lyubomir Parushev
sound by Lyubomir Parushev and Zach Trebino
video by Zach Trebino

Andrew Clark
Justin Evans
Lexi Hauck
Rachel Thomas-Levy
Zach Trebino