Theatre of the Electric Mouth (ThEM) is a global 
theatre collective,
collaborating remotely to create absurd and literary audio dramas.

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Necrotic Public Radio

Societal rot deepens and personal rot is inevitable. The amoral cruelties of nature are compounded by the immoral cruelties of late capitalism. Only one thing can soothe you — public radio. Its dulcet reportage and lightly humorous anecdotes constitute a final, flickering joy. Necrotic Public Radio is brought to you by your desire for the world to be calm and comprehensible, unto its end, or yours: whichever comes first. 

written by Davis Alianiello
directed by Tessara Morgan
sound by Steve Barroga
video by Zach Trebino

Kristen Aldrich as Reporter
Davis Alianiello as Not David Foster Wallace
Molly Cohen as Producer
Justin Evans as Braxton
Cory Ringdahl as Narrato
Rachel Thomas-Levy as You
Zach Trebino as Not Ira Glass
Tom Vinson as Ron