Newman, Newman, Newman, or NewMan is a madcap game show where contestants guess whether clues point to Paul Newman, Randy Newman, Newman from Seinfeld, or a synthetic human android, NewMan.

Can anyone win? Or will all contestants be assimilated into NewMan’s core AI? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

written & directed by Zach Trebino
sound & video by Zach Trebino

Andrew Clark as The Announcer
Cara Dodge as Tina
Justin Evans as Dave
Sarah Lacy as EMT
Lyubomir Parushev as One-Eared Rob
Cory Ringdahl as NewMan
Patrick Scorese as Tony
Rachel Thomas-Levy as Tarah
Zach Trebino as Rat Rattigan

“You’ve just won a lifetime of existential dread and PTSD, brought on by a misguided gameshow experience!”
Newman, Newman, Newman, or NewMan