Theatre of the Electric Mouth (ThEM) is a global 
theatre collective,
collaborating remotely to create absurd and literary audio dramas.

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Plan C

Nora was certain that 2020 would be her best year yet. But when the pandemic hits, her plans for intrauterine insemination take an unexpected turn. As it does, Nora 's lonely world crumbles in on itself, leaving her yearning to be a mother more than ever before.

written and directed by Molly Cohen
sound design by Lauren Kriel
with music composed by the Mysterious Mac
and a song performed by Matt Purpora

video by Zach Trebino

Samantha Turret as Nora
Helen Laser as Narrator
Saalika Khan as Tanya
Admiral Grey as Dr. Chizek
Cory Ringdahl as Sperm Donor
Cara Dodge as Shelly / Ensemble
Lauren Kriel as Newscaster / Ensemble